Problem when you ask to talented artists if they would agree to answer few questions is that they often say yes. Then you think “oh my god, my questions will look so ridiculous, I can’t, I got to cancel”. Hum, no, ok, if he says yes, I got to do it… So Mister Bjørn Berge kindly agreed to answers few questions regarding his relation to music. Questions that are sometimes naives on purpose, sometimes not. He proves once more that most of the artists have understood how powerful and helpful internet can be (if properly used of course).

One song or one video clip to introduce Bjørn Berge to someone that does not know you?

image Crazy Times

Why do you play music?

imageFirst of all because I like music and I like to play the guitar. It’s also nice to make a living out of a hobby. Always been interested in music so it feels natural to me.

What has the most changed in the world of music since you started to play?

imageInternet. Through internet it’s much easier for my fans to check out new things and keeping themselves updated, and also easier for new people to check out on me. Always just one click away on the computer and it also makes me able to communicate with my fans.

A band or an artist you would love to make a duet with?

imageRy Cooder, because he’s one of the best guitarists in the world.

How do you discover music today?

imageI’m checking out a lot on internet through myspace, YouTube etc.etc..

What is -according to you- the real problem of music industry today?

imageNowadays the major recordcompanies has much bigger competition than before from small indie-labels and through downloading (legal and illegal). The sales is decreasing so also more important to be out playing live for being visible. One problem is the formatted radio that makes it hard to get airplay unless you’re a mainstream pop- or rock-act. Another thing is that the major labels have not been realizing the fact and excisting of internet and it’s possibilities to spread the word. Their attitude has changed a lot now, but it took some time.

The most beautiful story that happened to you since you play?

imageThe Roskilde Festival in Denmark and Arezzo Wave Love Festival in Italy. Wonderful to sit on stage at these big festivals with so many enthusiastic people in front of me, listening to my music.

Thanks a lot to Bjørn Berge and to Erik Brenna his manager.

If you don’t know Bjørn Berge , get to know him. On Cd or Live if you can. And be ready for it. Cause what that guys and his guitar can do just seems out of this world. And it is groovy and funky and still it rocks!

Fretwork “Crazy Times” can be listened on the last record of Bjørn called Fretwork. It will be realesed beginning of octobre. Not possible to listen to it yet.

Now and in order to have Bjørn slapping your face and your ears, please listen to “Travelling Riverside Blues”. Be cautious cause it will hurt…

Bjørn Berge will tour in europe starting in september. You don’t want to miss him!